3D Printing (Filament)


The popularity and awareness of 3D Printing possibilities is being exploited in every industry from design to manufacturing making what was previously impossible viable and accessible for anyone with just a basic understanding of the technology.


This class aims at igniting the ability to think in terms of 3D modeling and additive manufacturing and to impart a hands-on learning of 3D design and printing. Participants get an understanding of 3D printing technologies, processes and materials that make 3D printing possible as well as understanding the operation of Filament 3D printers.


3 Hours

Tools and Equipment Access

After successful completion of workshop members get full access to the filament (FFF) 3D Printers.



Modifying printing parameters of existing 3D models and printing of simple 3D models to understand the operation of filament (FFF) 3D printers


This course is for complete beginners, no experience required

Minimum Age


Minimum/Maximum Attendees

5 - 10 attendees


Attire: Not Applicable

Gear: None Required

Supervision Requirement 

During Workshop: Instructor and assistant supervision

After Workshop: No supervision is needed after induction

Workshop Requirements 

Bringing own laptop is required. Pre install and familiarize with free 3D design software, example 123D, Sculptris. The Printing software will be provided during workshop

Workshop Fee

Members: AED 150.00

Non-members/Private Session: AED 300.00