OriginBase was established in Dubai as a product design company in 2014. Our makerspace, the main purpose of the company's establishment, was later inaugurated in 2015 as the UAE's first makerspace. The company's vision is to become a locally grown grass root platform for nurturing and enabling the maker movement in the UAE and the region. We aim to cultivate a can-do mindset and DIY culture in our societies by providing the tools, materials, training, machinery and fabrication technologies as well as the pro support and expertise needed in a single space for makers and ideas to meet, grow and materialize. 


We believe in the unlimited potential of social innovation and we strive to be a hub for collaboration and co-creation amongst makers from all walks of life. Our community is our backbone resource and their success in innovation defines our own.

























Our product design studio is based in the heart of Dubai, operating across all fields of design. Originbase manages design projects from conception to distribution. We have a team of designers from different backgrounds with the expertise to turn your ideas into reality. 







The makerspace facility spans an area of 6,000 square feet in a strategic location in the heart of Dubai, within a walking distance from key hardware stores, fabrication houses and suppliers of tools and materials. Our makerspace is located in Al Quoz 3 area a few minutes away from the arts and cultural hub of Dubai.  The facility has several equipped workshops for rapid prototyping, wood working, metal working, leather work, electronics, painting and finishing processes, as well as facilities for video and audio production with a large green room, audio video equipment and a sound studio also designated for digital design with high performance computers.







Our team includes five full time employees offering expertise in Electronics, Robotics, Mechanical and Aerospace engineering, 2D/3D design and fabrication.


The makerspace team extends beyond full time staff to include a growing network of part timers, core members as well as partner companies.







Makerspace Services


  • Memberships: hobbyist, professional corporate

  • Induction and advanced training workshops

  • Space rental: storage, offices, sound studios, event venue and custom spaces for teams and small companies


R&D Services


  • Product Concept proposal, discovery and idea screening

  • Technology research and technical feasibility analysis

  • Product Development Planning and Execution

  • Project finance planning and economic feasibility study

  • Design, fabrication, prototype development, testing and validation

  • Sourcing specialized hardware and software development

  • Bill of Materials, sourcing and managing supply network

  • Project and supply chain management

  • Consulting and support in product branding, marketing and market research

  • Design for user experience, manufacturability, distribution

  • Coordinating patenting services through specialized IP lawyers


Products and Prototypes developed at the makerspace


  1. RTK centimeter accuracy GPS system

  2. A custom built DSLR timelapse case

  3. An autonomous welcoming robot with machine vision, facial recognition and tracking

  4. FPV Racing Drones

  5. Tesla Coil

  6. 3D printers, custom build

  7. Planting Swarm Robotics Concept

  8. Augment reality racing helmet Concept







  • Dubai Municipality                 

  • GEMS Schools                         

  • American Hardwood Export Council   

  • Architecture Association Visiting School             

  • Advanced Expedition Vehicles

  • ZeroOhm

  • AlemnHealth

  • Dubai SME

  • Dubai Film

  • Au Fait Systems

  • Ashkman

  • GE Garages

  • OMA

  • Skytech Design