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Originbase is made up of individual DIY enthusiasts and passionate makers. Our work environment and career prospects are unique and full of potential for self-development and fulfilment. We have established ourselves as a place where people with genuine passion and talent can grow exponentially both professionally and personally. 


We are always on the look-out for like-minded people to help us grow the maker community and embody the spirit of the maker culture. Our motto is Make..Matter, and that defines everything we do, our approach and business philosophy.



Are you a maker?  

Do you long to make a difference?



If your answer is yes, you're looking in the right place!

No matter what your background is, if you have a strong inner drive to DIY and innovate, push technical savviness and your capabilities to the limit, do the extraordinary, delve deep into new ideas, and build them yourself, Origin Base is just a haven for you.

We believe in the power and infinite possibilities of the maker movement to stimulate and effect progress in future societies and economies, and our business model is designed precisely to explore these possibilities first hand, materialize them, work their underpinnings, understand their dynamics and pave ways for unravelling  their potential not only for our business, but for our employees, partners, customers and the larger maker community.


If you read the above and felt a strong belonging to our mission and vision, we'd love to hear from you.


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