Team Building & Problem Solving (CEL)

We believe that innovation is an unbounded public domain that workers from all fields of work can effectively partake in, given the right mindset and work paradigm.

As a pathway to the empowerment of employees in a conducive environment, Originbase helps organizations unlock and build teams' creative and collaborative capacities through custom designed Team Building and Problem Solving workshops that equip participants with the cognitive as well as practical skills to systematically break down and understand complex problems and co-create effective solutions.

What it is

The Team Building and Problem Solving (CEL) workshop is typically a five-day maker oriented course that imparts knowledge in the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving and includes a series of DIY inductions and a project designed and built by participants with our staff assistance essentially to demonstrate the practical application of problem solving and multi-disciplinary team collaboration.

Participants are taught o define a problem in their work environment that requires an inventive product / solution using a robust set of principles and techniques taught in the workshop to generate and screen ideas, and work in task groups to design, fabricate and assemble a prototype by the end of the course using DIY skills taught through inductions.

The workshop combines theory and hand-on applications of team driven learning, innovative thinking and co-creation.


•  Using the power of the Team brainstorming, idea screening and mind mapping to effect breakthrough progress on a seemingly intractable problem

•  Harnessing collective thinking and a systematic approach to understanding and solving any technical problem using the principles of the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving

•  To be an antidote to unstructured, time-consuming meetings that discuss a problem but seldom arrive at any concrete direct action

•  Enhancing the ability of the team to set and adhere to a unified purpose and help the problem owner with information and insight that inform a plan of action

•  For the Team to feel capable and feel they have worked together to set goals and execute a solution

•  To acquire a can-do mindset, learn and apply hands-on skills in co-creating a solution demonstrating the overall process of collaborative problem solving

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