DIY Learning

DIY Learning

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Making is empowerment

Making is empowerment

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Learning through play

Learning through play

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Additive Manufacturing lab Dubai

Additive Manufacturing lab Dubai

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Origin Base is a Dubai based product design company that operates the UAE's first makerspace. The company is a community based platform for product design and development and strives to be a ground for harnessing and enabling the maker movement in the Region. We aim at cultivating a can-do mindset and DIY culture in our societies by providing the tools, materials, equipment and technologies as well as the expert support within a supportive and nurturing environment.

Our core mission is to give access to DIY capabilities , promote design thinking, collaboration and open source innovation. We pursue these by continuously showing new possibilities and ideas and providing opportunities for acquiring first hand know-how in many areas of design and fabrication.

We strive to bring rise to generations of future inventors and innovators across the Middle East region, and to make people's passions, ideas, and ambitions matter.

What is a Makerspace ?

Makerspaces are community based, member operated DIY spaces where people with a passion for design, making, tinkering and inventing can gather to learn, collaborate, co-create, build ideas, develop and test prototypes using a wide range of tools, equipment and materials and expert support from staff and fellow makers who come from all walks of life.

It's a place of self empowerement, community outreach and endless possibilities. 

What can I make ?

The question is “What do you want to make?” What ideas for a product, artistic expression or a technological solution you wish were real? Whether you're a hobbyist, a professional or an entrepreneur; an artist, engineer or tinkerer, there's plenty to learn and do at the makerspace. Design a mechanical part, etch a circuit board, program a microprocessor, make a wallet or a piece of furniture... There is no limit to what you can do with an open mindset to aspire and the right environment to uncover your possibilities. 

How can I get involved ?

Have a project that you want to build yourself? Join and do it yourself. 
Have a unique skill or expertise that you want to share? Be a community leader, create your own workshop, host your own meetups.

You want to learn or develop your or your team's know-how, collaboration and handy skills? Attend a workshop.

You have an idea for a product but don't know where to start? Start here.

You are interested in mentoring or sponsoring a hardware startup? We're here for the same reason, contact us.


DIY Logo


Want something done? Do it Yourself.
We offer access to equipped workspaces and a wide range of machines, tools and materials.

Consultancy Logo


Need professional support in designing, fabrication or sourcing materials or manufacturing for your project? Our team is highly qualified and is ready to connect the dots. 

Workshops Logo


We conduct induction and advanced workshops on an array of design and fabrication skills and technologies, in groups or as personalized tutoring.

R&D Logo

R & D

You have the idea, need, or market insight for innovation but lack the resources or know-how to get started? We bridge that gap and take concepts through a robust R&D process to measurable milestones that achieve your innovation objectives.

Events Logo


We organize and host community activities, meetups and seminars, as well as team building workshops and visiting school programs

Turnkey Logo


Promoting innovation in communities naturally extends to the role of organizations in leveraging their own innovation capacity. We help design, build, set up purpose-built innovation facilities as well as provide the toolkits and content for instituting innovation in management practices. 




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