Hydro Printing


In this induction, participants are introduced to the applications of hydro printing (also referred to as water transfer printing and trained on how to transfer film patterns on a surface using water. The participant is taught how to use the Hydro dipping tank and how to prepare the object for printing, estimate the work area, size of film, quantity activator formula and plan the dipping based on size and level of complexity of object.

As part of preparing an object for hydro printing, participants will learn how to use a spray booth to apply prime to an object and accordingly how to use a spray gun, the booth’s fume extraction and water filtration. The finishing process includes washing manually or using a high pressure washing machine and also sealing the object with a protective transparent coat.

The induction will also teach the clean-up process before and after hydro printing and how to return the equipment and tools used to a usable condition.


2 Hours

Tools and Equipment Access


After successful completion of this induction, participants will be granted access to use the Hydroprinting tub, films and activator, the washing machine, rinse station, the spray booth and spray guns.



Each participant will practice the process on a pre primed 3D object (primer takes 2-3 days to fully cure)


This course is for complete beginners, no experience required

Minimum Age


Minimum/Maximum Attendees

2 - 5 attendees


Attire: Full trousers, closed foot wear (no slippers or sandals), no long sleeves or loos garments.

Gear: Safety gear will be provided for the induction and this includes eye protection and chemical grade respirators and latex gloves.

Supervision Requirement 

During Workshop: Instructor and assistant supervision

After Workshop: Supervision is not necessary after induction.

Workshop Requirements 


None. However, basic knowledge of what can be achieved by Hydro printing and its limitations is a great plus.. Suggested reading and video content will be sent to registered participants to prepare for workshop.

Workshop Fee

Members: AED 250.00

Non-members/Private Session: AED 400.00