Laser Cutting



In this induction, the participants will be introduced to the capabilities and the limitations of CO2 laser cutting equipment and will be taught to use this CNC technology to cut and engrave on a range of materials from plastics and wood to leather, foam and cardboard and to operate the machines in a safe and a sound manner and this includes the following:

  • Identification of non-toxic laser cutting material

  • Focusing of the laser beam

  • Manual movement of the laser head in x/y/rotary directions

  • Setting the origin

  • Framing the design

  • Troubleshooting a non-powering laser (due to the position of the master laser knob or turning off the blower)

  • Troubleshoot a non-powering controller (the emergency button is pressed)

  • Discover the right cutting parameters (speed/power) of an existing material independently and autonomously


In this induction, participants will learn how to prepare 2D drawing and format it using RDWorks and set the power and speed to the specific type and thickness of the working material as well as the type of work intended, while also leaning the different ways laser cutters are used to build structures, use bending tools, and transform 3D shapes to 2D patterns that are cut and then assembled as 3D puzzles which serves as a demonstration of the different rapid prototyping solutions laser cutting offers.


3 Hours

Tools and Equipment Access


Upon the successful completion of this induction, the member will be granted access to the laser cutting equipment in the makerspace including the two bigger 100W laser cutters and the smaller one with a rotary axis. Members would also acquire access to the bending tools and acrylic adhesives after this induction, allowing the member to make the most out of this fabrication technique.



In this induction, participants will be able to etch or cut their name or a chosen pattern on acrylic and to bend and join acrylic to create a simple structure.


This course is for complete beginners, no experience required

Minimum Age


Minimum/Maximum Attendees

5 - 10 attendees


Attire: Not Applicable

Gear: None Required

Supervision Requirement 

During Workshop: Instructor and assistant supervision

After Workshop: No supervision is needed after induction

Workshop Requirements 

Participants are advised to bring own laptop, but not required, and to Pre install and familiarize themselves with free 2D design and slicing software, example Inkscape, and 123D Make.

Workshop Fee

Members: AED 150.00

Non-members/Private Session: AED 300.00