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Makers need materials to work with, and working materials are often either not readily available in retail quantities in the local market or are not available all together. Sourcing basic and advanced materials, electronic and mechanical component in addition to professional fabrication services might be a time consuming endeavor.  We bridge the supply gap!


We continue to aggregate demand from the local maker community, and source and procure materials from local and overseas suppliers in order to offer them to our members conveniently in manageable quantities and at competitive prices. 

Our local and international supply network of working materials as well as manufacturing service providers is growing constantly. We believe that making is for everyone, and our role is to make making as convenient and enjoyable of an experience as can be.

The OriginBase Makershop is a one stop shop for makers. Our inventory includes the following items:

- Raw materials: different types of wood, metal, wax, paint, adhesives and other chemicals...

- Electronics: a library of basic electronic components as well as prototyping modules such Arduinos, Raspberry Pi...

- 3D printer FDM kits and parts, Filament, SLA resins and printer consumable parts 

- Mechanical components: gears, threaded rods, pulleys, screws, nuts and bolts...

- Safety Gear: goggles, chemical and dust repiratory masks, ear protection, gloves...

- Sheet materials: acrylic, plywood, MDF, foam, PVC micron, polycarbonate, vinyl...

- Liquid rubbers and plastics

- Investment casting powder, molding silicon and wax for wax injection

- Leather and leather working supplies

- General personal tools, machine and tool consummable parts

- Hydroprinting film and formula


We are working relentlessly to introduce a sourcing solution through an open source smart Maker Map. This initiative will be available to makerspace members in beta version in the near future.

Please contact us if you are interested in supporting this initiative.



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