Give a neighbor bird a new home of your design and making. Join this workshop and learn basic woodworking skills to build a wooden birdhouse to your specifications. The Workshop imparts knowledge and hands-on experience in wood project planning, making straight and angled cuts using table saw, band saw and miter saw, trimming edges with a router table, using drill press, basic joinery and a nail gun in addition to range of finishing techniques. This workshop is for beginners and does not require any previous experience or skills in woodworking.

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Tools and Equipment Used

Table saw, Miter saw, Band Saw, Router Table, Planer, Jointer, Sander, Hand Drill, Clamps, Nail gun

Bill of Materials

Pine wood, PVA Glue, Sanding paper, Hanger, Stain (optional)


Your enthusiasm

Take Home

A handmade custom built vintage hardwood birdhouse

+ the ability to design and make many more

Post Workshop Access

This workshop grants attendees who wish to take a fixed term membership access to the following:

- Woodshop (limited access)

- General tools and materials


- All tools, materials and safety gear will be provided during workshop

- Laser engraving and painting are not included in workshop agenda and are optional add-ons 

- All prices are subject to VAT

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