This induction course covers the safety and basic operation standards to be observed in the metal shop and an introduction and demonstration of every machine use and operating modes.

The participant will learn o identify the different metal shop machines and their uses and how to safely use the chop saw, metal band saw, grinding and buffing wheels, in addition to using sheet metal bender, roller and cutters.

Basic training will be provided on the safe and proper use of metal Lathes and Mills, teaching participants how to plan a project, configure machine, prepare and finish work parts.


3 Hours

Tools and Equipment Access

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be granted access to the metal shop hand tools, chop saw, grinding and buffing machines, metal band saw, bench lathe and milling machine.


This workshop is to impart basic knowledge and hands-on preliminary skill in using metal fabrication tools and machines. The workshop will include cutting a metal stock to the required length, turning, milling and finishing a part to provide a polished finish.


This course is for complete beginners, no experience required

Minimum Age


Minimum/Maximum Attendees

2 - 5 attendees


Attire: No loose hair, loose clothing, rings, bracelets or
other jewelry or any garments that can become entangled with moving parts. Full trousers, closed foot wear (no slippers or sandals)

Gear: Safety gear will be provided for the induction and this includes eye protection or face shields and ear muffs.

Supervision Requirement 

During Workshop: Instructor and assistant supervision

After Workshop: Supervision period varies based on member's experience and competence.

Workshop Requirements 


None. However researching and basic understanding of metal fabrication machines and techniques is advised. Suggested reading and video content will be sent to registered participants to prepare for workshop.

Workshop Fee

Members: AED 200.00

Non-members/Private Session: AED 350.00