3D Printing & Model Making Services


At Originbase we have a comprehensive collection of FDM and SLA 3D printers. We offer a swift and reliable 3D printing and model making service and we're capable of creating most 3D objects from a variety of functional and nonfunctional plastics.


3D printing per se doesn't always create functional objects with clean surfaces or adequate strength, but together with our partners at Bright Mind and through years of experience in making 3D printed models and prototypes for a myriad of products and purposes we developed unique pre and post printing processes that transform your 3D model into a material object that looks and feels like a final product.


The robustness and effectiveness of our 3D printing processes are self evident and our finishing techniques combined with a wide range of fabrication and micro manufacturing capabilities are a flagship offering unique to Originbase. Our models will leave you asking "was that really 3d printed?!"


The proof is in the pudding.






























  1. Rush: 48 Hours

  2. Standard Prototype: 5 days

  3. Standard Production: 10 days



To find out more about our 3D Printing Services, contact us at info@originbase.com