Molding and Casting


In this induction, participants will be introduced to the use and techniques of mold making and casting, and learn about a wide range of molding and casting material, processes and tools and applications from making molds for jewelry to casting liquid plastics, concrete and rubbers for low volume reproduction of a masterpiece.

The participants will learn to read and understand materials data sheet, understand how to handle, mix and apply multiple compound advanced materials, understand and plan a molding technique as single or multiple part molds based on the level of object complexity, prepare a masterpiece for molding and how and when to use the different release and sealing agents to the specific surface of the object, rubber, and type of casting materials.


3 Hours

Tools and Equipment Access


Upon the successful completion of this induction, the member will be granted access to the molding section, to use use vacuum chambers, vacuum forming station, vulcanizer, wax injector, and to molding and casting products (rubbers, plastics, clay and concrete), the mixing containers and attachment for the hand drill, the measuring and mixing cups, as well as the ultrasonic cleaner for removing investment from cast metal parts and the tumbler for the finishing/polishing of those parts (for Jewelry makers).



This workshop is to impart basic knowledge and hands-on preliminary understanding of dealing with molding and casting materials and tools. The workshop will demonstrate the process of making a two part silicon mold for an object and participants will be able to make casts and reproduce copies of that object during workshop in fast curing two compound liquid plastic.   


This course is for complete beginners, no experience required

Minimum Age


Minimum/Maximum Attendees

5 - 10 attendees


Attire: Full trousers, closed foot wear (no slippers or sandals), no long sleeves or loose garments.

Gear: Safety gear will be provided for the induction and this includes eye protection and chemical grade gloves.

Supervision Requirement 

During Workshop: Instructor and assistant supervision

After Workshop: Supervision is not necessary after induction.

Workshop Requirements 


None. However, prior research and understanding of mold making techniques is a great plus.

Workshop Fee

Members: AED 250.00

Non-members/Private Session: AED 400.00