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From simple circuitry to complex multi layered controller boards...

Whether you need a prototype board or scale production of a custom PCB or an electronic product 


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Electronics & Hardware Development

Design & Prototyping Services

We execute hardware development projects and electronics prototyping methodically to realize our client’s product functionality and specific needs; testing constantly for Functionality, Design, Appearance, Safety, reliability and Manufacturability.


Our prototyping process keeps a close eye on both internal and external elements of an electronic product. Internal elements defining the operation of the product; the wiring, power source, heat management, fail-safing and so on built upon by external form factors like the housing, casing and interfacing and internal structure harnessing the internal components in a safe and sound manner. Our iterative process ensures that all elements are robust, effective and efficient in terms of function as well as appearance.

From Idea to a Final Product​


Our PCB Services include:

- Schematics & CAD Design (up to 6 layers)

- Virtual Simulation and Testing

- Reverse Engineering 

- Rapid Prototyping & Testing

- Programming & Software Development

- Low volume PCB Fabrication (1 and 2-layer PCBs)

- Design for large scale PCB manufacturing and assembly

- Sourcing and supply chain configuration

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