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From simple circuitry to complex multi layered controller boards...

Whether you need a prototype board or scale production of a custom PCB or an electronic product 


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Electronics & Hardware Development

Design & Prototyping Services

We execute hardware development projects and electronics prototyping methodically to realize our client’s product functionality and specific needs; testing constantly for Functionality, Design, Appearance, Safety, reliability and Manufacturability.


Our prototyping process keeps a close eye on both internal and external elements of an electronic product. Internal elements defining the operation of the product; the wiring, power source, heat management, fail-safing and so on built upon by external form factors like the housing, casing and interfacing and internal structure harnessing the internal components in a safe and sound manner. Our iterative process ensures that all elements are robust, effective and efficient in terms of function as well as appearance.

From Idea to a Final Product​


Our PCB Services include:

- Schematics & CAD Design (up to 6 layers)

- Virtual Simulation and Testing

- Reverse Engineering 

- Rapid Prototyping & Testing

- Programming & Software Development

- Low volume PCB Fabrication (1 and 2-layer PCBs)

- Design for large scale PCB manufacturing and assembly

- Sourcing and supply chain configuration

Examples of Work

Electronics From Idea Prototype to Final

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get a prototype made for my product or idea?

The cost of a product design project varies based on your requirements, the complexity of the product and the functional and fabrication specifications that you need for the prototype. To get a free estimate, contact us and schedule a free Discovery Session with one of our lead engineers. We will then tailor a customized proposal for you that includes only the necessary work and costs that meet your specific needs.

How can I be assured that my product idea stays confidential?

Protecting our clients privacy and proprietary information is imperative to our company's values; every information you share with us is guaranteed to stay confidential and strictly used for the purpose of your project. As a standard procedure you may request signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with us prior to discussing your project. To request a signed NDA please email us and one of our team members will send you a signed NDA to your email for completion.

Can OriginBase manufacture my product?

Yes, we do manufacture products for our clients in-house, locally or overseas. Depending on the type of product, the quantity, materials and manufaturing methods necessary we can suggest many different ways. Speak to one of our lead engineers about your product and manufacturing requirements and we will gladly recommend the best options that meet your needs.

Does OriginBase invest or take equity in my product or company?

When you develop a product with us, you retain full ownership of your company equity and Intellectual Property (IP) throughout the process. We do not currently accept equity or IP in exchange for any of our product development services.

What kind of products can OriginBase develop?

We work accross different disciplines and industries and a large network of fabricators and collaborators from different walks of life with extensive exterience in designing and making physical things. We can develop and implement any product idea from mere concept to final manufacturing. Whether it includes an electronic or mechanical function or is static or purely aesthetic, if you can think it we can probably make it.

Do I need to have drawings or design files to start a project?

It is not necessary to provide any drawings or designs to start a project. We can help you start from scratch; from understanding your product purpose, customer insight or problem you'd like to solve. The first step to start a project with us is a free Discovery Session appointment where you can share your idea in any format possible! Any information you can share with our team about your idea including any doodles or sketches you've previously made will be helpful to convey your goals and vision for your project.