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At Originbase we have recognized the need of our makers wanting to prototype PCBs for their next BIG invention. Here in the UAE, we are often limited by the absence of a comprehensive PCB fabrication facility. From complex controller boards to simple project boards, we have got you covered. 


Whether you are in need for a single prototype board or short-run production run, Originbase is here to meet your needs. Our PCB Fabrication Service provides high quality, affordable PCB’s using a variety of materials and technologies. We produce single- and double layer printed circuit boards in varying shapes and complexities.


Originbase’s PCB fabrication capabilities:


  1. Maximum Panel size: 100mm * 160mm

  2. Maximum Number of Layers: 1-2

  3. Copper Thickness: 0.5 oz to 5.0 oz

  4. Minimum Line Width: 10 mil (0.25mm)

  5. Minimum Line spacing: 10 mil (0.25mm)

  6. Smallest Hole: 25 mils (0.65mm)

  7. Thickness: 1.2mm - 2mm




  1. Rush: 24 Hours

  2. Standard Prototype: 5 days

  3. Standard Production: 10-15 days



To find out more about our PCB Fabrication Services, contact us at


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