Maker Projects

An Air Valve using a Solenoid Actuator - Orwa

Solenoid actuators are often encountered in point-of-sale systems (POS). They are the electro-mechanical elements responsible of opening the cash drawer. In this project, Orwa uses a 5 AED solenoid actuator to create a simple air valve using laser cut acrylic, silicone rubber and a frame out of thermally bent polycarbonate, which are all available at Originbase. The entire assembly is to be embedded inside of a 6'' PVC pipe. 


Creepy Eyes - helped by Abdullah and Orwa

In this project, Orwa and Abdullah help Adam motorize his googly/jiggly eye  artwork. Adam produced the artwork by embedding tens of google/jiggly eyes in a resin circle. Adam is the main maker behind this project and it has taken him a non trivial amount of work and tinkering to get this working nicely but it is an absolute pleasure to look it. It is battery powered from AA batteries. 

Vanity Infinity Mirror - Rachel

In this project, Rachelle creates an infinity mirror effect around a fake mirror. The final product is something that looks like a vanity mirror, with an infinity effect at the perimeter, but embodies a camera behind the mirror which is able to stream the video to a PC. Very unique invention, Rachelle!