Research & Development

As a product design and development company, we have built local experience, a growing maker community and globally sourced expertise in many areas of engineering, design and industries and we have acquired a unique ability in providing R&D services for hire using our makerspace platform.


Our team is experienced in the end-to-end process of product conceptualization and development, from uncovering the primary insight into a market or a problem, to idea screening and concept development, to conducting technical and commercial feasibility research, underpinning the business case and analyzing economic and functional viability. We have built a profound experience and intuition for product development and we apply robust methods in taking a product from concept to materialization.


What we do is explore, investigate, inspire, guide and pave the way for innovations to materialize, prove viability and make it matter, paving the way for hardware entrepreneurs to substantiate their product ideas and business cases and concept to market prospects.


We provide a platform for research, prototyping and product development consultancy and we are constantly seeking to attract more mentors and venture capitalist to support promising innovations.


Our R&D Services are provided following internationally recognized best practices in innovation management and in collaboration with a growing network of local and international partners, suppliers and investors. We aspire to become a one-stop shop for conceiving innovation from concept to market.


Design & Rapid Prototyping


  • 2D and 3D CAD design

  • Custom circuit design and layout

  • Hardware design

  • Software (firmware) development

  • Sheet metal design

  • Custom part design

  • Educational kit and curriculum design for electronics and other areas of interest

  • 3D printing

  • Laser cutting and engraving


Product Development


  • Concept Development

  • Research & Technical Feasibility Analysis

  • Commercial Feasibility Analysis

  • Prototyping Iteration

  • Testing and Validation

  • Safety and user experience validation

  • Project Integration and Management

  • Hardware and Software Development


Production and Fabrication


  • PCB design and manufacturing

  • Low volume production of plastic parts

  • Machining of custom metal parts (CNC turning and milling)

  • Medium volume production of sheet metal parts (CNC press brake)

Other Consultancy Services

  • Building, sourcing and procurement of bill of materials - components, parts, raw or advanced materials in addition to specialized services

  • Surveying and coordinating with in land and offshore factories for medium to large scale manufacturing

  • Innovation management consultancy services and mentorship.



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